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Please see my Google Scholar page for an up-to-date list of publications.

Funding and awards

  • Veni Postdoctoral Fellowship, €250,000 over 4 years, August 2017 - July 2021
  • Travel Grant, EPSRC Network+ on Human-Like Computing, £2,500 to support visit from UK collaborators
  • KNAW Conference Fund €6,000 to support Applied Category Theory Lorentz Center Workshop May 2018
  • Lorentz Center Applied Category Theory Workshop and School €25,000, May 2018
  • EPSRC Doctoral Training Account Scholarship. Awarded by Bristol Centre for Complexity Sciences. 4 years scholarship including fees, stipend and travel allowance. October 2010.
  • Poster prize, Department of Informatics Poster Competition, University of Sussex, May 2010.
  • Theobald Studdy Exhibitioner, awarded by Balliol College, Oxford 2001-2003.

Edited volumes

Invited talks

  • Compositionality in Conceptual Spaces, Workshop on New ideas in Cognitive Science, Research Center on Cognitive Sciences, Universidad de Talca, October 2021
  • Quantum Theory in Natural Language Processing, Tutorial at Conference on Quantum Physics and Logic, June 2021 video
  • Building Density Matrices for Words from Text Corpora, QNLP at Quantum Week of Fun, September 2020 video
  • Towards Logical Negation for Compositional Distributional Semantics, keynote talk, Applied Category Theory Conference July 2020
  • Compositionality in Semantic Spaces, Bristol AI and Language Colloquium, March 2020
  • Compositional Hyponymy with Positive Operators, First Quantum NLP Workshop, Oxford, December 2019
  • Compositionality in Semantic Spaces, ILLC Departmental Talk, October 2019
  • Language Change and Concept Composition, D-IEP Workshop on Emergence, Dutch Institute of Emergent Phenomena, May 2019.
  • Interacting Conceptual Spaces, CRC Colloquium, Düsseldorf, April 2019
  • Compositionality in Vector Space Models of Meaning, LUNCH Talks, ILLC, February 2019
  • Compositionality in Semantic Spaces, Second Symposium on Compositional Structures, Glasgow, December 2018
  • Compositionality in Linguistics and Cognition, Second Workshop on Open Games, July 2018
  • Compositionality in Vector Space Models of Meaning, Faculty of Science Colloquium, July 2018
  • Ambiguity, Entailment, and Functional Words in Categorical Compositional Distributional Semantics, Utrecht University, December 2017
  • Compositionality in Conceptual Spaces, Concept Learning and Reasoning in Conceptual Spaces, Ruhr-University, Bochum, October 2017
  • Graded Entailment for Compositional Distributional Semantics, Workshop on Statistical and Logical Models of Meaning, July 2016, NASSLLI 2016
  • Interacting Conceptual Spaces, Workshop on Reasoning in Conceptual Spaces, June 2016, ILLC University of Amsterdam
  • A Compositional Explanation of the ‘Pet Fish’ Phenomenon, December 2015, NLP Seminar, Computational Linguistics Lab, Queen Mary University of London