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Martha Lewis

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  • University of Bristol
    • Unit Director, MSc Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. 200 students covering 5 postgraduate programmes. Refreshed existing materials, redesigned worksheets, set and marked coursework, and managed a team of 5 TAs in support.
    • Workshop support, BEng Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. Ran biweekly workshops supporting students in their learning and project work
    • Mathematical and Data Modelling projects, BEng Engineering Mathematics. Set a range of small projects and supported groups of students in their implementation.
    • PhD supervision: co-supervisor of two PhD students
    • MSc supervision: 5 MSc projects
  • University of Amsterdam
    • Course Coordinator: Conceptual Spaces for AI, 3rd year undergraduate module, University of Amsterdam, Sept-Oct 2018, 2019. 50 students, course designed completely from scratch.
    • Teaching Assistant: Computational Logic, 2nd year undergraduate module, University of Amsterdam, Nov-Dec 2017
    • MSc supervision: 3 MSc projects, all resulting in publications
    • Bachelors supervision: 8 Bachelor projects
  • University of Oxford
    • Reading Group on Dynamic Epistemic Logic (2016)
    • Reading Group on Conceptual Spaces for Compositional Distributional Semantics (2015-2016),
    • MSc supervision: 2 MSc projects, both resulting in publications
  • Summer Schools
    • ESSLLI 2019 Summer School: Vector Space Models of Meaning, August 2019
    • Mentor, Applied Category Theory School, Lorentz Center, Leiden, May 2018.
    • ESSLLI Summer School: Introduction to Categorical Compositional Distributional Semantics, July 2017