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Martha Lewis

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Current Students:

  • Carys Harvey (PhD, co-supervised with Bob Coecke). Carys is working on implementing NLP algorithms on quantum hardware.
  • Xiaoyu Tong (PhD, co-supervised with Ekaterina Shutova). Xiaoyu’s research looks at metaphor interpretation via paraphrase and inference.
  • Junda Liu (PhD, co-supervised with Nirav Ajmeri). Junda’s research is in ethics in multi-agent systems, specifically driverless vehicles.
  • Changshuo Wang (MSc Engineering Maths) Changshuo’s research is in extending neural methods for building density matrices.
  • Qiming Chen (MSc Engineering Maths) Qiming looks at modelling generic sentences with density matrices.
  • Mike Nelhams (MEng Engineering Maths). Mike is looking at using density matrices on larger-scale entailment datasets.
  • Ben Lippold (MEng Engineering Maths). Ben is investigating the interaction of metaphor and natural language inference.

Prospective Students: If you are interested in working with me, please do get in touch. Funding for PhD students is available via the Interactive AI CDT and the Quantum Engineering CDT - funding is mostly for UK students, but a portion is reserved for international students. I am also available to supervise MSc projects and welcome contact from students interested in designing their own project.

Past Students